Civil War

CIVIL WAR IS MIXED UP Despite a lot of publicity for the film Civil War, the efforts of an Englishman to direct a film about a civil war in the United States is a spectacle but politically amounts to a flop. Despite the director’s denials, the film’s president is a substitute for Donald Trump, as […]

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The Woman King

In 1823, slavery still existed in Africa. Europeans were recruiting from the Oyo Empire, which in turn was trying to conquer the Dahomey Kingdom using firearms traded for slaves. The focus in the film is on the Agojie warriors, an army of female soldiers that consistently prevail in combat but oppose slavery despite Dahomey’s participation

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No No Girl

NO NO GIRL DEALS WITH THE AFTERMATH OF JAPANESE INTERNMENT In 1942, some 120,000 million Japanese, whether born in Japan or the United States, were told to leave their homes for internment camps until the war with Japan ended. They abandoned jobs, homes, and the property inside homes. One such family lived in Tustin, Orange

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The Walk

THE WALK TELLS WHAT WAS WRONG ABOUT SOUTHSIDE BOSTON When the Supreme Court decided Brown v Board of Education in 1954, the focus was on the southern states, where Blacks sometimes lived near Whites but went to different schools. Yet in northern cities school segregation existed because of residential segregation. While the focus was on

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I’m Charlie Walker

I’M CHARLIE WALKER IS A BIOPIC ABOUT A BLACK ENTREPRENEUR Director Patrick Gilles has chosen a unique person to honor in I’m Charlie Walker. A self-confident African American living in San Francisco in the 1970s, driving a truck, is being treated as a second class citizen by many employers until one day he learns of

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