When and where did the Political Film Society begin?
The Political Film Society was formed at Honolulu in 1986. Originally, the Political Film Society was a project of the Hawai`i Political Studies Association, but the headquarters of the Society moved from Honolulu to Hollywood in 1998, when it became a nonprofit corporation under the laws of the State of California. Who founded the Political Film Society?
Michael Haas started the Political Film Society as a way to recognize outstanding achievement in raising political consciousness. Haas lived in Hollywood during the 1950s, when politically aware filmmakers were blacklisted. How has the Political Film Society been honored?
The International Political Science Association has recognized the Political Film Society as one of the best 300 website resources in political science. The others are found at www.ipsaportal.net. Why was the Political Film Society started?
The Political Film Society exists to recognize outstanding achievement in raising political consciousness. Courageous film directors are given awards as a way of encouraging the film industry to make the public more aware of political realities. How can an individual join the Political Film Society?
Contact the Society at P.O. Box 461267, Los Angeles, CA 90046, or by email at [email protected] What kinds of awards are given by the Society?
Each year, films that best promotes political consciousness are selected in four categories-democracy, exposé, human rights, and peace. In addition, the Society can give special awards. From 1987 to 1997, the film that best raised political consciousness in the Hawai`i International Film Festival received an award from the Society. While the Society was headquartered in Honolulu, a special award was given to the film that best promoted political consciousness about Hawai`i. Who can vote for awards conferred by the Political Film Society?
Members in good standing vote for awards. Who has received awards from the Political Film Society?
Film directors receive awards on behalf of the various films. Who are the corporate executives of the Political Film Society?
Each year, at an annual meeting of members, three positions are filled to serve on the Board of Directors. The Board, in turn, chooses the Chief Executive Officer. Michael Haas, who serves on the Board, has been the CEO and Secretary of the Political Film Society since its inception. Other Board members elected in 1998 were Stanley M. Castillo and Eric Dacumos. Mr. Dacumos served until 2002. Vorathep Sitthitham has served as Vice President since 2003. Why are Political Film Society awards call “Stanley Awards”?
The awards are given in honor of Stanley Mark Castillo, an original member of the Board of Directors of the Political Film Society, who died of cancer in 1998 at the age of 41 in Los Angeles.


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