Films that portray the way in which ordinary people have a right to choose public policies and can bring about political change by making officeholders accountable to the people.


KIDNAPPED: THE ABDUCTION OF EDGARDO MORTARA FEATURES ITALIAN HISTORY Director Marco Bellocchio has filmed a history of Italy in which the fate of one person—Edgardo Mortara (played at age 6 by Enea Sala, as an adult by Leonardo Maltese)—galvanized opposition to rule over parts of the country known then as the Papal States. During the […]

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CHEVALIER FEATURES WHITE SUPREMACY Historical information about Joseph Bologne has been pieced together, and the film Chevalier has a lot of interesting subplots that are doubtless fictional. But the message of the film is one of the most fascinating of 2023 and seems very timely indeed, with White males infuriated by an upstart Black whom

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Argentina, 1985

In 1816, Argentina declared independence but had a checkered political history until 1983, when a military junta stepped aside, and Argentina has been a democracy ever since. One reason the military relinquished power was that they lost public support in the “dirty war,” when an estimated 30,000 citizens disappeared, some dropping some into the ocean

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HIVE DEPICTS HOW WIVES OF MIAS CAN BEST SURVIVE Directed by Blerta Bashollim, Hive reminds filmviewers that during 1999 Serbian forces slaughtered about 100 Albanian residents of the town of Krusha in Kosovo. Their remains are a mystery, especially to wives who were therefore impoverished. Two decades have passed, and the women stand in front

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IRRESTIBLE PROVES THAT POLITICS IS ABOUT MONEY Jon Stewart of Comedy Central fame, in deciding to make a film to provoke the elitist Democratic Party, focused on a fictional small town in Wisconsin in Irresistible, though the letters RESIST stand out on the screen. Filming was actually in Rockmart, Georgia, and the story was inspired by the

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The Laundromat

THE LAUNDROMAT EXPOSES CORRUPTION, DECEPTION, AND FRAUD With the writing skills of  Jake Bernstein and Scott Z. Burns, director Steven Soderbergh decided to bring the Panama Papers to the screen in The Laundromat. Rather than a conventional story beginning with a problem, developing characters through various scenes, leading to a climax, the film illustrates various

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The Post

THE POST CELEBRATES MORE THAN FREEDOM OF THE PRESS When The Post begins, Daniel Ellsberg (played by Matthew Rhys) is with a unit of soldiers in Vietnam in 1966, finding out that the Viet Cong rule the country in the night. One day, while flying home on Air Force One, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara (Bruce Greenwood) summons

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Tickling Giants

TICKLING GIANTS PROVES THAT COMEDY IS ONLY CRUEL FOR THE CRUEL A self-documentary in the style of Roger & Me, Bassem Youssef tells his story in Tickling Giants as he became the John Stewart of Egypt for four seasons. With considerable film footage, he begins as a heart surgeon who is caught up in the Arab Spring of

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