Political Film Review #667


Only eleven films have been nominated by the Political Film Society for 2022 in each of four categories. Argentina, 1985 is the only nominee for the category DEMOCRACY. Two films have been nominated for promoting PEACE—All Quiet on the Western Front and Donbass. However, many films have been nominated for EXPOSÉ and HUMAN RIGHTS. Because no more than five films can appear on the final ballot, members now have an opportunity to narrow the list. By January 31, members now can vote YES for the top five in each category. If you feel that a film is utterly undeserving, then vote NO. If you are neither strongly in favor nor against, select UNDECIDED:

Among EXPOSÉ films, vote for the FIVE films that best bring to light lesser-known political facts:

Donbass   A view of how life after Russia seized Donbass territories in 2014.
Emancipation   How a Black slave took a treacherous route to freedom in Louisiana during 1963.
Holy Spider   A female journalist discovers that women are being killed, and the local police are not investigating.
Operation Mincemeat   A false flag operation to divert German forces so they can enter Sicily without military opposition.
She Said   News reporters demonstrate the difficulty of getting women to admit that Weinstein abused them.
Unsilenced   How China tried to eliminate the Falun Gong movement.

For HUMAN RIGHTS films, vote to accept the best FIVE from the following nominees:

Argentina, 1985   Members of the Argentine coup are tried for crimes against humanity.
Donbass   Mistreatment of Ukrainians after Russia seizes Donbass in 2014.
Emancipation   Mistreatment of Black slaves at a worksite for weapons during the Civil War.
Holy Spider   A mass murderer of women in an Iranian town is operating with impunity.
Lingui, the Sacred Bond   A female in Chad is raped and seeks an abortion despite sexist prejudice.
Pursuit of Freedom   Russians sex traffic a Ukrainian woman until assisted by a pastor.
She Said   Women were sexually abused and threatened by Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein.
Till   A woman’s son is killed in Mississippi, whereupon she launches the Civil Rights Movement in 1955.
Unsilenced   China tortures at least 2,000 members of Falun Gong to stop the movement.

The Political Film Society Board of Directors will meet on Saturday, February 1, at 9 a.m. (8481 Allenwood Road, LA 90046) to count ballots. The top five will be placed onto the final ballot along with the nominees in the other two categories. Final ballots will be distributed February 1.

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